Jared Taylor’s Censored Videos about Eugenics

YouTube has disabled automatic generation of codes for sharing and embedding some of Jared Taylor’s videos, but through Aryan ingenuity I was able to construct the code for Part 2 here.

Taylor correctly emphasizes a point that I have been stating for several years, that Hitler’s decree of 1 September 1939, authorizing physicians to euthanize the incurably ill, had nothing to do with eugenics, and that neither eugenics nor euthanasia had anything to do with anti-Jewish policies:

“The policy against Jews was not a eugenics policy. Nazis considered Jews an enemy people, not genetically inferior.”

That is an important point. Holocaust propaganda has tried to give the impression that there is a slippery slope from eugenic sterilization to euthanasia to gassing Jews, and there is really no connection, even putting aside the fact that no Jews were gassed. 

I did not know one fact that Jared Taylor states, which is that Sweden did more with eugenic sterilization, proportionally, than Germany.Why then was there no Holocaust in Sweden?

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