Ann Coulter identifies Focuses of Jewish Power in the USA

WHERE WOULD POOR, DEFENSELESS ISRAEL BE WITHOUT NIKKI HALEY?!? Not a defender in the world — not the media, not congress, not the donor class. Don’t worry Israel, Brave Nikki’s got your back.

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) December 22, 2017

Ann Coulter aims well-deserved contempt at Indian opportunist Nikki Haley’s shameless subservience to Israeli interests, while ironically identifying mass-media, 

the Congress of the United States, 

and the “donor class” of mostly Jewish billionaires, 

as other entities that do the same, so that a stridently pro-Israel position is the most craven and conformist position that an American political official could possibly take.

The point is, these people are all traitors who put Israel First ahead of America First, and the interests of the people of the United States are not being served.

Of course it is no new revelation that Zionist Jews exert such power. Pat Buchanan as early as 1990 said that Capitol Hill was “Israeli-occupied territory” and rightly blamed the Israel Lobby for the impending war against Iraq. For this candid observation Buchanan was attacked by the ADL and by A.M. Rosenthal of The New York Times, and by other Jews. The increasing normalization of criticizing the privileged status of Jewish interests is what is significant.

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