The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States represents a temporary reprieve for the United States of America as a majority-White country. It could become much more than that, but it is not yet evident that it will.

While Trump represents a move in the right direction, he has given no indication that he will take adequate measures to deal with the biggest fundamental problems in the United States:

  1.  demographic shift; 
  2.  the embedded anti-White elite.

Trump talks about keeping illegal aliens out entirely, and has mentioned deportation, with priority given to those who commit crimes beyond simply being here illegally.

Of course the government should be doing this! How did this ever become controversial?

However, if President Trump deports every illegal alien and prevents all further illegal immigration, that will not be enough to preserve the White majority in the United States for very long. 

In the first place, as Ann Coulter has been saying, legal immigration is an even bigger problem than illegal immigration, but Trump has not proposed to curb that.

Apart from any question of immigration, there is the differential birthrate between the non-White and White populations. There is no way for the government to address this problem without taking actions that would presently be considered unconstitutional.

The hour is very late, in regard to this demographic problem in the United States. The direness of the situation is reflected in the fact that Trump (according to current widely acknowledged figures) lost the popular vote and won only through the quirks of the Electoral College, due to the fact that Hispanic populations are concentrated in a few states and not evenly distributed like the White majority.

Of course it will be a disaster even for many non-Whites in the United States if Whites cease to be the majority. Rush Limbaugh refers to the White population as “the people who make the country work.” We can only hope that Trump, or somebody, will recognize the compelling need to preserve a White majority, and find a way, despite restrictions of the Constitution as currently interpreted, to preserve the country’s future.

The fact that there are already anti-White tantrums against Trump’s election is a hopeful sign. It was similar leftist tantrums in Germany (the Reichstag Fire being one manifestation) that facilitated Hitler’s assumption of emergency powers so that he could do what needed to be done. Let that anti-White rabble keep up its disturbances. Let them become more and more outrageous. There is hope for us in their irrational behavior.

Meanwhile you will see the anti-White elite and their lackeys like George Will scream bloody murder if Trump even presses the limits of executive power as much as Obama has done already. George Will explicitly stated this position immediately after the election, in anticipation of Trump’s not behaving like a typical Republican.

On the bright side, even before he won the election, Trump’s candidacy was very educational for the American public, in terms of shifting the range of acceptable public discourse, and bringing hidden problems to the surface. 

Most notably there is the conflict between the interests of the White majority and the “Neoconservative” Jews like Krauthammer and Kristol, and crypto-leftists like George Will and the Bush family, who had embedded themselves in the Republican Party and hobbled its potential for representing White interests. Such infiltrators are now widely recognized as enemies of the White majority because of their reaction to Trump. 

This lesson needs to be kept in mind, because just as they tried to prevent Trump’s election, they will now try to prevent Trump from making any significant permanent changes to stop the country’s decline. Their attempts to make nice and to pretend once again that they are really on our side of course should be rejected.

For the country’s survival, these people really should be removed from the body politic, “as a physician would purge a bacillus,” in the words of Mussolini. But it seems highly unlikely that Trump will do any such thing, as long as these subversives cannot be shown to have committed any statutory crime.

Trump’s enemies have called him a “racist autocrat” but that seems to represent what those anti-White subversives fear and expect, rather than Trump’s actual positions. We can hope that he will grow in that regard.

Meanwhile, the greatest good accomplished by the election of Donald Trump may be outside the United States. Of course it will be good for Russia and Syria if the USA ceases its saber-rattling and covert support for religious lunatics, but it also happens to be the case that US influence operates behind the scenes in the politics of Western Europe, especially Germany. It was US pressure that induced Germany to begin reparations payments to the State of Israel, and later to import unnecessary Turkish guestworkers. It is a good bet that behind-the-scenes manipulation has something to do with the current flood of non-White immigrants in Germany, and especially the inviting hospitality of “Mama Merkel.” Trump’s election will give Europe the possibility of  taking necessary actions to recover from this.

In regard to the United States however, if Trump does not greatly alter the country’s demographic decline, it seems practically inevitable that he will be succeeded, before long, one way or another, by a real autocrat.

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