Why did Jews invent the Holocaust?

The comments-section under Breitbart’s article about Salah Montasser’s rejection of the six-million figure has been lively. 

One of the interlocutors is a Jew arrogantly calling himself “Inevitable Historicity.” He is there to defend his ethnic group’s cherished myth. He is generally tedious, tending constantly to divert attention from the big points that matter to hairsplitting arguments about points that do not matter. When proven wrong on some point, he pretends that he did not mean what he obviously did mean (weaselwording his rhetoric in advance so that he can do this). But he did make one valuable admission. 

For Jews, the Holocaust is not the core complaint against Hitler or National-Socialism. For Jews, the fact that the National-Socialists opposed Jewish power (“anti-Semites”) in an effective manner (“authoritarian”) is enough to make them “some of the worst people in history.” The Holocaust is a complaint that Jews invented, essentially as an afterthought, to make the non-Jewish world sympathize with their anti-German vendetta.

One thought on “Why did Jews invent the Holocaust?

  1. The greatest lie in history? The holocaust? No, but maybe making the greatest man in history (Hitler) a devil, as the jews have done. Today 2021, going back to documents by Hitler for peace in Europe, peace proposals, and what put tears in my eyes, was his final letter to the people of Europe on April 29th, 1945, the day before his suicide. Certainly a man of honor.

    Today, the jew control of the White media, those Hitler documents will be rewritten by jews if we do not preserve them. I have already seen this happen. 88 Dave W.

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