Texe Marrs: The only political party in the USA is the Jew Party.

Despite his religious outlook, Texe Marrs is an astute observer.
Ted Cruz is “one of these people,” says Texe Marrs.

Marrs does not directly say that Cruz is a Jew because there is no direct proof, but the circumstantial indicators are strong.

Since Marrs views the world from a religious perspective, the way he explains what he observes is not exactly the way I would explain it. It does not mean that his observations are bad, only that the different framework for interpretation has to be taken into account.

Marrs’ reference to Jews as Satan-worshippers makes sense if you take it as a metaphor. The Gospels, in the traditional Christian interpretation, constitute an aetiological myth explaining why Jews are the enemies of the rest of mankind.

The strongest determining factor in how people behave, however, is not religion but inherited character. This is also true of the Muslim immigrants in Europe: they behave as they do not so much because of their religion as because of their inherited character.

Marrs also makes a mistake when he says that the Stasi was the ruling political party in the part of Germany that was in the Communist Bloc. Stasi means Staatsicherheitspolizei — State Security-Police. Anetta Kahane is a Jewish woman who was an agent of the Stasi and is currently involved in efforts to stifle nationalist speech in Germany.

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