Welcome to the Banana Republic

It is confirmed that vote tallies unfavorable to Mitt Romney were nullified in Maine’s Republican primary. Similar fraud was reported in several other states.

The legitimacy of the Government of the United States rests on the honesty of the electoral process. The Republican Party is one of the two gatekeepers to power on the national level; its corruption is not a private concern. If this corruption is not punished then the Federal Government will have lost its legitimacy. 

Ron Paul’s campaign calls itself “the Ron Paul Revolution.” In some ways it really does represent a revolution, a complete change of direction, especially in foreign policy, and the Israel-First establishment is hellbent on preventing that. I will not go so far as President John F. Kennedy, who said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” since the military power of the government is so great that any civilian would be a fool to challenge it in that manner, but I do expect that there will be a stark decline in respect, not only for the government itself but for the rule of law, if these electoral frauds are not vigorously prosecuted. 

If these frauds had been committed to keep a Black from being elected, we would surely see prosecutions. But when it is only White people that are being cheated of self-government, no corrective action is likely to be taken. An attorney friend of mine comments: “You have to get federal prosecutors to do it. That would be a very career-ending idea — if not sooner then later.” Therefore, unless there happens to be a federal prosecutor who is a self-sacrificing idealist, there will be no attempt by the Government of the United States to save itself from the erosion of its own legitimacy.

There is a pattern often seen in banana republics, for example in Guatemala in March 1982, when a presidential election was universally denounced as fraudulent — the latest in a series of fraudulent elections — with the result that the sham democracy was overthrown and replaced by a military junta led by Efraín Ríos-Montt. We may see that pattern repeated in the United States during our lifetimes.

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