Our Weapon, The Truth

I wrote an essay that has now been published by The Occidental Observer. The outline is as follows:

  1. Some White racialists seem to regard honesty as an impediment. This is a wrong attitude.

  2. While propaganda such as the system uses is beyond our means, counter-propaganda, the disputation of the system’s propaganda, is within our means.

  3. By appealing to reason, we cannot win over the masses, but we can win over the rational minority that does not follow the crowd.

  4. Our appeal will be smaller when we progress beyond counter-propaganda to the presentation of a new worldview. This means that our cause is destined to have an inner circle of completely enlightened people, and an outer circle of people that reject the system’s propaganda but have not accomplished a revolution in thinking.

  5. Radical social change is accomplished by militant minorities. The majority merely waits to see what happens. We can form our own militant minority by convincing thinking and idealistic people that our way of thinking is correct.

  6. In order to cultivate this elite, we have to be careful in our rhetoric.
You can read the whole essay on The Occidental Observer

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