Radio Enoch: A British Nationalist Clandestine Broadcaster of the 1970s

This unlicensed “right-wing wireless” station broadcast in 1978-1979, and even attracted the attention of newspapers. 

A front-page article from The Observer, 18 March 1979

Like The Voice of Tomorrow in the USA, Radio Enoch’s programs were very well done, passable as professional broadcasting, except that the speakers on Radio Enoch all spoke in a West-Midlands accent rather than what used to be the standard BBC pronunciation.

The station of course was named after Enoch Powell, a conservative politician from the West Midlands best known for his Rivers of Blood speech in opposition to continued non-White immigration. 

The broadcast includes discussion of the following:

1. Immigration of Hindus and Muslims creates problems with food in public schools.
2. Rhodesia: the situation is unstable because of conflict among “tribes,” among whom the White Man had been the source of order and stability.

3. The need to curb the power of trade unions (discussion followed by anti-union song).
4. Praise of anti-Communist dictator Augusto Pinochet.
5. Complaint about opposition to nuclear power by ecologists, merging into a counter-accusation about overpopulation: “People are the pollutants.”

I love the quality of the broadcast, and the material is interesting, better than anything that we get from “conservative” media today — but that isn’t saying much. The ideology presented by Radio Enoch is quite flawed.

Radio Enoch on Race

Radio Enoch and The Voice of Tomorrow are both explicitly concerned with race, but while The Voice of Tomorrow focuses entirely on race, Radio Enoch calls itself “right-wing” and puts race on the same footing as some other issues. Radio Enoch seems to have been perhaps even more concerned about labor unions than about race. 

Also, the way Radio Enoch discusses race is not as direct as the discussion on The Voice of Tomorrow. Radio Enoch doesn’t confront the listener with the worst aspects of multiracialism and ask, “Whatcha gonna do, Whitey?” (Which was more or less Enoch Powell’s approach in the powerful Rivers of Blood speech.) Instead they have a woman bemoaning the complications of arranging school-lunches for Hindus and Muslims. Between these two clandestine political broadcasters you can discern the difference between conservative racism (such as it was in the 1970s) and race-radicalism.

Radio Enoch on Jews

The most telling moment comes in the interview with “a well known personality from southeast Africa” when the personality says that we need “to understand who our real enemies are.” In other words, we have apparent enemies, and real enemies, somebody pulling the strings behind them.

The interviewer asks, “Whom do you believe them to be?”

The well-known personality responds: “Well they could be a conglomerate of the Marxists, Internationalists, and people who seek to govern through the medium of greed and power.”

That is not a straight answer. A real, straightforward answer from a man that  knows “who our real enemies are” does not begin with “Well they could be.” Apparently the listeners are supposed to decipher his circumlocution to figure out that he means Jews. Our real enemies are, you know — nudge nudge, wink wink — reptilians perhaps. It’s questionable how many people are really getting the point there.

Radio Enoch on Labor-Unions

The hostility of “true conservatism”  toward organized labor was, I think, probably self-defeating.

Unionized workers mass-demonstrated in support of Enoch Powell.

Right-wing anti-unionism may have harmed the anti-immigration cause in Britain, since much of the groundswell of support for Enoch Powell’s anti-immigration stance came from unionized White laborers, e.g. dockers and meat-porters. This kind of internal contradiction is the weakness of national-liberalism, in contrast to national-socialism.  

The Slide into Kosher Conservatism

When the Jewish problem is never stated clearly, and when multiracialism is presented in terms of difficulties of implementation rather than as something unwanted in itself, and when it’s all mixed with anti-Marxism and anti-unionism, the possibility of gradually pushing racial concerns out of conservative discourse entirely is obvious. With Jews gaining a foothold in “conservative” media during and since the 197os (and being all-too-eagerly received), that is what has happened. We have reached the point now that so-called conservatives  will even accuse someone of being un-conservative if he tries to raise one of these neglected topics.

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