Dr. Paul Craig Roberts descibes USA’s bad economic policies, sees no hope of correction

On 3 November 2010 Jim Giles had a conversation with Paul Craig Roberts in which Dr. Roberts described the current economic troubles of the United States as resulting from an overdose of the individualist, laissé-faire ideology that has been the quasi-official ideology of the Republican Party since 1980.

While Dr. Roberts’ analysis of the current situation and its causes seems impeccable, his use of historical analogies shows the influence of our mainstream liberal propaganda. He seems to believe that the French and Bolshevik Revolutions were popular uprisings caused by the poverty of ordinary people, when in fact, like revolutions in general, they were accomplished by relatively small, well-funded organizations.

Dr. Roberts made a similar error when he likened angry and unreasonable Republicans to “Brownshirts.” We should be so lucky! Some kind of White racial impulse surely lurks behind a large number of Republican votes, but it is disguised behind the laissé-faire ideology and not coherently expressed, nor does it get any respect from the GOP establishment.

Furthermore, there really is a socialist aspect to national-socialism which could solve the USA’s economic troubles by restoring US manufacturing and economic independence, and by this and other means solving the problem of unemployment. If those angry Republicans with the unstated racial motive would become less ashamed of their motive, and also figure out that the laissé-faire ideology really doesn’t serve the race well — nor even the country as a whole — then we might have a chance to solve some problems.

National-Socialism could set the USA back into a relatively healthy state. Why, when Dr. Roberts thought of examples of some kind of revolution that could provide relief to the poor, did he not think of the (peaceful) National-Socialist Revolution of  1933? Like almost all Americans, Dr. Roberts has accepted a version of history that precludes consideration of that option. Despite the bad historical analogies, Dr. Roberts’ elucidation of our trouble based on his own observation of recent events is quite worthwhile. Listen here to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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