Hitler had no Jewish grandfather&nbsp– and he wasn’t part-Negro either, you nut!

This map shows the distribution of the Y-chromosome that a news-item in the Daily Mail is claiming demonstrates that Hitler was descended from Blacks and Jews. Really!

The article says, “A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA) in their samples is rare in Germany and indeed Western Europe.” Rare? According to the color-coding of this map, this chromosome is carried by a minority (5-10%) of men in Germany and Austria, but is not rare.  In any case it is much more common a little farther south in the Balkans. It seems to occur in more than 25% of the male population along parts of the Adriatic coast. This chromosome is not even close to being confined to either Africans or Jews.

The fact that Hitler carried a mutated Y-chromosome that is also carried by 18-20% of Ashkenazi Jews and by mixed-race people from some coastal regions of Africa does not even begin to imply that Hitler is descended from either Negroes or Jews. Note that the chromosome becomes generally less common with distance from the north and northeast coasts of Africa, and has little to no presence in the heart of Africa where pure Negroes can be found: the implication is that the chromosome was brought to Africa by people who arrived by sea from the neighboring continents. Jews may carry any Y-chromosome, since Jewish ethnicity is based on that of the mother, not the father.  This imputation about Adolf Hitler’s ancestry is bad journalism and junk science, preying on the ignorance of the reading public.

Two years ago the same journalist who published this claim, Jean-Paul Mulders, published the conclusion that Hitler did not have a Jewish paternal grandfather as had been rumored.*  The fact that Hitler shares identical Y-dna with other Hitlers and Hiedlers and Huettlers proves it. Here is the summation from a Belgian news source, dated 25 August 2008:

Hitler n’avait pas de sang juif et pas de fils en France, indique une enquête de Jean-Paul Mulders, journaliste au quotidien flamand Het Laatste Nieuws. Mulders est parvenu à déconstruire ces deux mythes grâce à des enquêtes ADN. Le journaliste s’est rendu en Autriche et aux Etats-Unis et est parvenu à obtenir des échantillons ADN des membres de la famille de l’ancien Führer. Le chromosome Y des échantillons autrichiens et américains semble parfaitement correspondre, ce qui signifie que Hitler était bel et bien un Hitler et que la rumeur selon laquelle il avait un grand-père juif et qu’il était un bâtard est fausse.[source: DH.be]


Hitler had no Jewish blood and no son in France, indicates an investigation by Jean-Paul Mulders, journalist for the Flemish daily Het Laatste Nieuws. Mulders was able to deconstruct these two myths thanks to DNA testing. The journalist went to Austria and the United States and was able to obtain DNA samples of members of the old Fuehrer’s family. The Y-chromosomes of the Austrian and American samples seem to match perfectly, which means that Hitler was well and truly Hitler and that the rumor according to which he had a Jew as a grandfather and that he was illegitimate is false.**

Maybe Mulders is trying to make amends to the powers that be with his current tenuous effort to restore doubt about Hitler’s racial forebears.


* This was an unintended consequence of Mulders’ investigation of the claim by a Frenchman named Jean Loret that he was Hitler’s illegitimate son.

** It was Alois Hitler who was born out of wedlock, but his father Johann Georg Hiedler married his mother Maria Schicklgruber when Alois was only five years old; many years later Alois had his legitimacy formalized before a parish priest. The rumor, mentioned (and dismissed) in David Irving’s Hitler’s War, that Adolf Hitler himself was born illegitimate, is an obvious corruption of that story.

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