All Standards of Intelligent Discussion have been Waived to Accommodate Brown-Skinned Immigrant Dinesh D’Souza

The French Ministry of Biases and Sophisms issues Godwin Points like this one, to be awarded to the likes of Dinesh D’Souza,”for having capably brought the discussion to the ultimate comparison.”

Reductio ad Hitlerum is a ubiquitous feature of Dinesh D’Souza’s recent work. The past couple of days he has been garnering support — including more shilling from American Thinker — by attacking some poorly considered utterance from Web Hubbell’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, about supposed economic benefits of abortion.

She did not explicitly say that abortion added wealth to the U.S. economy, but even Snopes admits that she seems to have implied that abortion added $3½ trillion of production by enabling women to work instead of raising children.

The Clinton girl’s utterance was originally reported by Craig Bannister of CNS. One week later, however, Dinesh D’Souza decided that he could make the story suitable for his readership by adding a completely untenable Hitler-comparison. 

As foolish as Chelsea’s utterance may have been, Dinesh D’Souza’s invocation of Godwin’s Law was even worse.

American Thinker however continues to shill for D’Souza.  American Thinker‘s article declares:

Score one for Dinesh D’Souza….
By all means, “score one” for the insolent immigrant, because he is certainly not scoring many points with his latest silly movie. It was a good idea for him to find something else to discuss. Attacking Clintons always gets applause. A Clinton championing abortion? That is an irresistible target!

The comparison to eugenic sterilizations in 1934 Germany was quite a stretch, however. Obviously, abortion and eugenic sterilization are not the same thing.
In fact, Hitler’s government used the tax-code to promote marriage and begetting of children. There was a tax on all unmarried persons, amounting to 3/8 of the unmarried person’s total income. Women were encouraged to be housewives and mothers and NOT to work. Abortion was illegal in Germany under Hitler’s government. They wanted German women to marry, and to have German children, and to stay home and raise them.

That is completely the contrary of Chelsea’s idea. If intelligent women abort their children to pursue careers, that is the opposite of eugenics. That is the elimination of some of the most desirable heredity from the genepool.

Furthermore, it certainly would not have occurred to a German National-Socialist, during the early phase of Hitler’s rule when eugenic sterilization was proposed, that bringing women into the workforce would be good for the economy. The chief problem that Germany, like most of the world, faced at that time was an excess of workers and a deficiency of consumers. (You can read Lawrence Dennis, The Coming American Fascism, for more about that.) Let the men have all the jobs and keep the women at home to create more consumers: it’s a win-win solution!

I gave Dinesh D’Souza a Godwin Point for stretching so hard to make such a nonsensical comparison to Hitler.

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