Zionist Jew Did Most Bomb-Threats to Synagogues

Since Donald Trump took office there has been hoopla about a supposed wave of anti-Semitic incidents, which, we are supposed to believe, were perpetrated by Trump’s supporters. The hoopla escalated after President Trump came under attack for not mentioning Jews in his statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and then even more for refusing to modify his statement under pressure. Ha’aretz referred to a “Trump-inspired surge in anti-Semitic incidents.” 

As police solved these crimes, however, most of them turned out not to be the work of angry White males. There was the campaign of swastika-graffiti waged by Punjabi immigrant Jasskirat Saini on Long Island. There was the Negro journalist Juan Thompson accused of at least eight threats against Jewish community centers. There was the Jewish liquor-merchant Scott Young in Newtown, Connecticut who spraypainted “Burn the Jew” and swastikas on his store’s back entrance and then set the store on fire to collect insurance. There were the toppled tombstones in Jewish cemeteries, which police-investigation found to be not the result of crime but of natural deterioration and neglect (Jewish parsimony, in other words).

President Trump has suggested that such incidents might be false flags, which is the commonsense view of anybody familiar with the history of supposed anti-Semitic incidents. (Under considerable pressure, Trump later said that the threats to synagogues were “horrible” but avoided saying what the motives and nature of the perpetrators might have been.) Vandalism accompanied by anti-Jewish graffiti typically turns out to have been inflicted by Jews. The Jewish Forward, however, called Trump’s observation “dangerous.”

Now it turns out that “most JCC bomb-threat calls” spanning several continents over the past six months, as the Jerusalem Post reports, were done by a 19-year-old Jew, a dual citizen of the United States and the State of Israel.

Other reports tell us that this dual citizen perpetrated his false-flag bomb-threats from a home in southern Israel, using computer-technology to mask the origin of his calls. The FBI somehow tracked him down in spite of this, as revealed by a U.S. official:

The official says dogged cyber work and IP tracing led to what he described as the “eureka moment” that was the result of a 6 month intensive effort with Israeli authorities. [NBC News, 23 March 2017].

The Jewish Telegraph Agency identifies him as Michael Kaydar, and gives the number of bomb-threats that he perpetrated against Jewish institutions in the United States as “more than 100.”

Of course he will never be sent to the United States for trial. He will be judged leniently by an Israeli court: already, a medical excuse is being alleged for the perpetrator, without regard for the fact that this is typical Jewish behavior in service to the essentially Jewish anti-Trump agenda, and without regard for the potentially catastrophic ramifications of the Jew’s hoaxes for non-Jewish Americans.

But the important fact is that the world has been shown that the overwhelming majority of these “anti-Semitic incidents” were not what they seemed. The question of how this particular perpetrator will be punished is much less important than that lesson, because such attempts to manipulate the public will surely continue for as long as they seem to work. Like President Trump, our people must recognize the pattern of deception and refuse to be manipulated.

President Trump is proven right again.

UPDATE: Michael Kaydar’s father has also been arrested (Jerusalem Post, 26 March 2017). If father and son were both involved in the crime, the excuse alleged for the son, that his behavior was affected by a non-malignant brain-tumor, is obviated.


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