Semi-Revisionism is Dead: a response to David Cole’s “Denial Is Dead”

Jewish Semi-Revisionist David Cole

Semi-Revisionism is a term coined by Professor Robert Faurisson to designate the position of the three men who previously represented Holocaust Revisionism but later retreated to the position of endorsing any Holocaust accusation not specifically addressed by the Leuchter Report. In other words, they give the benefit of the doubt to the Holocaust Faith on every question where an absolute disproof was impossible, in spite of all indications that this indulgence is undeserved.

David Irving invented the Semi-Revisionist position. In 1988 Irving publicly embraced the Leuchter Report and seems to have concluded at that time that the Holocaust in general was a false story. Irving expected to increase his fame by proclaiming this truth himself (much as he had increased his fame by denouncing fraudulent Hitler diaries in 1983). Subsequently, however, Irving found that the pecuniary loss and general hardship that he faced due to the reaction of Organized Jewry was much greater and much more enduring than he had anticipated. The retreat to Semi-Revisionism was David Irving’s attempt to restore some of the career and livelihood that he had lost.

Mark Weber, who as early as 1979 had accepted Faurisson’s conclusion that there were no gassings of Jews, copied Irving’s retreat, evidently due to a failure of courage after witnessing how the relentless persecution of Ernst Zündel continued even after he had beaten them in the False News Trials of 1985, 1988, and 1992.

David Cole is a Zionist Jew who got involved in Holocaust Revisionism after the 1988 False News Trial, a time when it was already clear, as a result of the testimonies in the 1988 False News Trial, that the Holocaust Faith would have to retreat and modify some of its claims in order not to become a laughing-stock. Cole’s motive thus was never to debunk the Holocaust, but to save it by revising it, and, to the extent possible, to put a Jewish face on those revisions.
In that light it is unsurprising that Cole ends up denouncing the uncompromising, non-Jewish Revisionists like Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zündel, who stand by their conclusion that the Holocaust is essentially a false story.

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