Deborah Lipstadt’s Latest Attention-Whoring Gimmick

Early Holocaust Revisionists: Freedman, Hoggan, Barnes, Rassinier.

Deborah Lipstadt acquired spurious fame in the 1990s by pontificating against Holocaust Revisionism. Now she pretends to be an expert on the Alt Right too, based on the claim that Holocaust Revisionism and the Alt Right (which she insists on calling White Supremacy) are somehow the same. 

She claims that “Holocaust Denial” and “White Supremacy” both were formerly represented by blatantly disreputable characters, but that these sordid villains subsequently decided to don coats and ties to feign respectability and fool the public.

The problem with this story is that none of it is true. The instigators of Holocaust Revisionism in the United States were all men of some status. Likewise White advocacy has always had its high-status representatives (e.g. Carleton Putnam), but Jewish-controlled mass-media chose not to show them. Jewish mass-media always prefer to show the least reputable representatives of any cause that they want to quash.

There is no Holocaust Revisionist who metamorphosed in this way — at least none that comes to mind. Certainly David Irving, whom Lipstadt mentions in this context, did not make such a transformation. (Incidentally, David Irving is in no way the typical representative of Holocaust Denial that Lipstadt always pretends.)

It must be conceded that a transition vaguely resembling what Lipstadt describes was made by David Duke, but that was 35 years ago, long before the so-called Alt Right, which only came to prominence in the past year.   

Richard Spencer was never either a Klansman or a Hollywood Nazi: he’s an upper middle-class boy with an M.A. in humanities who worked for The American Conservative and Taki’s Mag. Spencer is not trying to fool anyone by wearing a suit and tie; he was probably born wearing them. Spencer was not showing his true colors but more likely pandering to the audience at his conference by saying Hail victory! and all that.

But the claim that wicked men are fooling the people by pretending to be civilized and decent is more acceptable than Lipstadt’s real, unstated complaint. As it is, she pretends to have the well-being of the American public in mind. The less humanitarian complaint that she refrains from stating is that Jewish censorship has been circumvented.

Today the Jewish ability to control information has been circumvented by Internet, so that movements like Holocaust Revisionism and the Alt Right (and even Donald Trump) can speak directly to the public without misrepresentation. Without Internet, pro-White dissidents could spew nonstop brilliance all day every day and the American public for the most part would never know.

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