A small taste of what happens when you send White children to school with Negroes

The white cheek of Jazmyn Peters, five years old, carries a hand-shaped bruise left by Tavon Walters.

In Bamberg, South Carolina, school-officials are so afraid of being called racist that they allow Negro criminals on the school-bus with small White children.

The Negro slapped the poor little girl on her face hard enough to leave a bruise. Little Jazmyn is now, understandably, afraid to ride the bus.

This is not a unique incident. This kind of thing, and much worse, happens all the time. This happened in a place where there was video and audio surveillance, and a driver on the bus responsible to maintain order. What might have happened under less secure circumstances?

Such is the result of the racial integration of schools that was forced on the White people of the South in 1969. 

White people must overcome the fear of being called racist and protect their children! 

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