“Citizen Super PAC” releases video rehabilitating Hitler and Goebbels


Why do I say that the video rehabilitates Hitler and Goebbels? Because it is not going to hurt Trump. The people who already support Trump — which is now the majority of Republicans — will find this video to be an attack on themselves as much as an attack on Trump. If Trump behaves true to form, he will not do what most politicians do when attacked in this way: he will not plead for understanding that he is not Hitler.

Therefore, Hitler and Goebbels are more likely to gain positive regard by the comparison, than Trump is to be harmed by it. On some level, to some degree, many people already admire Hitler anyway.

Do Hitler and Trump really have anything in common? Yes, they do. A few things, but they are not bad things. Trump and Hitler are both nationalists who champion the interests of ordinary people against plutocracy, and they both speak extemporaneously, and have to deal with organized disruption of their rallies by leftist troublemakers. Trump also advocates reconciliation among his fellow citizens for the good of the country as a whole, which, most Americans surely have no idea, was also a major theme with Hitler.

Hitler is not, however, the premier example of such a populist, anti-plutocratic leader. They existed also in the ancient world. The brothers Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus are an example from the Roman Republic, and Solon is an example from ancient Greece. 

One thing that is subtly misrepresented in the video, is when Hitler is shown referring to “the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.” The word rendered as “annihilation” is Vernichtung. It is tempting, for etymological reasons, to render Vernichtung as “annihilation,” but that is not how the word was generally used. The practical meaning of Vernichtung in pre-1945 German was really quite vague. It could mean defeat or ruin. Consequently this much- quoted expression from Hitler’s speech of 30 January 1939 contributes absolutely nothing toward a proof of the so-called Holocaust.

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