Racial Differences in Suitability for Police-Work

It should be no surprise that Negroes are much less suited than Whites for police-work, given the self-control and judgment that are required, and also no surprise that “Hispanics,” who generally have some Negro ancestry, turn out to be intermediate between Whites and Negroes in this regard. The surprise (without knowledge of the specific criteria) is that “Asians” perform the worst on the psychological evaluation used by the Philadelphia Police Department:

From 2011 through 2014, 72.5 percent of the 262 black applicants passed the psych evaluation, compared with 81.2 percent of the 823 white candidates. Hispanic applicants fell in between, at 75 percent of 176 job-seekers. Applicants of Asian descent fared the worst, at less than 58 percent, but their overall numbers were small – just 66 applicants over the four-year period. [Source: Philly.com]


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