Coca-Cola Company says: National-Socialist Germany was “the good old times.”

In 1940, because of the difficulty of importing the ingredients for Coca-Cola in wartime Germany, Coca-Cola’s chief chemist in Germany, Dr. Schetelig, invented Fanta, an ersatz concoction made mainly from whey and apple-pulp. 

Now, the Coca-Cola Company is bringing back the original-formula Fanta of 1940 (or rather, something “inspired by” it), presenting it in a way that invokes nostalgia for that period. With Fanta Classic, they announce that they are bringing back the feeling of those good old times!

Of course, there was a storm of protest against the advertisement, and Coca-Cola apologized and stopped airing it. But such a publicity-campaign would have been unthinkable if the period of Hitler’s rule in Germany did not in fact hold many positive memories for many German people.

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