Trisha producer Alyson DiFranco

Recently White racial activist Craig Cobb appeared on NBC’s Trisha show, where another guest, neurotic mulatto Herman Williams III (brother of Montel Williams) asserted that everybody in the entire world had Negro ancestors and therefore carried Negro DNA. This is an absurd claim. But the absurd claim was subsequently supported by the even more absurd claim that Trisha’s producer, the pink-skinned and fine-featured Alyson DiFranco, had been shown by a genetic test to have 19% “Subsaharan” DNA. Everybody of course understood “Subsaharan” to mean Negro. That is how it was meant to be understood. “Subsaharan” had to be taken to mean Negro, because otherwise Herman Williams’ claim would not have been validated.

Based on her general appearance, it is practically impossible that Miss DiFranco has anywhere near 19% Negro genes. Any old-fashioned White person from the South would have laughed at this claim, because we know (as Madison Grant observed a century ago in The Passing of the Great Race) that a person that is half-Black and half-White looks completely Black, and it is only after many generations of dilution that Negroid characteristics cease to be detectable. At 19% Negro Miss DiFranco would be an obvious mulatta. Since she is far from that, an appropriate response to that imputation would have been something along the lines of: I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

A typical one-eighth (12.5%) Negro, with broad, flat nose, kinky hair, etc. This person could not have passed for White.*

For some reason though — maybe he was still thinking about the cleavage that Miss DiFranco had displayed while interviewing him in Leith — Craig Cobb evidently did not suspect anything rotten, and, when the host asked him to submit to a DNA test like that taken by Miss DiFranco, Mr. Cobb agreed to it. Predictably, they announced that Craig Cobb had some “Subsaharan” genes too — although only 14% in his case.

What’s going on here? Are they making it up?

Most likely the claim of “Subsaharan DNA” is a half-truth, calculated to give the unwary public a false impression. The word “Subsaharan,” is not a racial term. It is a geographic term.

Since prehistoric times there have been people of White ancestry in Africa. These are the Berbers and their mixed-race descendants, who are found especially in Somalia (which is geographically Subsaharan) and Morocco, but also to some extent throughout eastern and northern Africa. Most Berbers today are mongrelized, but some only to a slight degree. Especially those Berbers living within the seclusion of  mountain-ranges often retain even today the blue eyes and blond hair of their ancestors, who migrated from Europe into Africa during the Ice Age.

A Moroccan Berber family.

The fact that most people do not know the extent and antiquity of White heritage in Africa has been exploited for propaganda-purposes before.  In 2010 Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders insinuated that Adolf Hitler had some Negro ancestry based on the fact that he carried a Y-chromosome that is also carried by some people in Africa. So as not to defeat his own propaganda, Mulders omitted to mention that the same Y-chromosome has a substantial presence in Europe, especially in the Balkans. The deception consisted in pretending that White DNA found in both Europe and Africa was really Negro DNA that somehow made its way into Europe (magically, without bringing any observable Negroid characteristics with it).

My guess is that this is the kind of game that the Trisha show is playing. 
* It seems necessary to show such an illustration of a typical one-eighth Negro for clarification, because many Americans today seem not to realize how dilute is the Negro ancestry of the “African Americans” that they regularly see on television. When an octoroon on television is called “African American” and then through further mixing produces a child that can pass for White (to the unobservant) and is erroneously called “half-Black,” the public gets a falsely optimistic picture of how easy it might be for Negroid characteristics to be bred out.

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