Why Germany pays reparations to the&nbspJewish&nbspState

The USA strong-armed Konrad Adenauer into having Germany pay reparations to the State of Israel. Adenauer lied about it in his memoirs and Helmut Kohl’s government perpetuated secrecy around the fact, but now it is revealed.

Eisenhower and Adenauer, 1952

In the Luxembourg Agreement of 10 September 1952, the First Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer, promised reparations to the State of Israel in spite of widespread opposition among Germans, even within Adenauer’s own cabinet. Finance-minister Fritz Schaffer considered the Jewish demands excessive, while justice-minister Thomas Dehler opposed reparations to the Jewish State entirely. An opinion-poll showed that 44% of the Federal Republic’s citizens regarded reparations to the Jewish State as entirely “superfluous.”*

Translated from the current issue of Der Spiegel:

The chancellor however pursued the reparations-project with determination. In his memoirs accordingly he also named the reason for the decisive action: the agreement with Israel was based “on a compelling moral obligation,” he wrote, and was therefore “something other than an ordinary contract between two states.” “There is something higher than good business.”

But when the federal government under chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) considered publishing the transcripts of Adenauer’s cabinet-meetings after expiration of the period of secrecy in 1982, it decided not to do so, as revealed in records now published by the Foreign Office. It turned out that the documents stood “in clear contradiction” to the ex-chancellor’s memoirs, which was noted by a high official of the Foreign Office on 17 December 1982: Adenauer was apparently only “ready to negotiate reparations because of pressure from the USA.”*** [Felix Bohr, “Wiedergutmachung für Israel: Was Adenauer verschwieg”, Der Spiegel 18 March 2013 – translated by Hadding Scott]

On 17 June 1952 Adenauer told his cabinet that a failure to accommodate the Jewish State would “provoke the most serious political and economic dangers for the Federal Republic” in its relations with the United States.

Adenauer agreed that the Federal Republic would pay $3 billion in reparations over the course of the next 14 years, constituting a very large part of the Israeli government’s revenue during that period. This however was only the beginning. Especially since the 1990s, after the intensification of Holocaust propaganda from Jewish-controlled mass-media in the USA, numerous other Jewish demands for reparations have followed. It is likely that all payments to Jews based on alleged wrongs committed during the Second World War are fundamentally due to pressure from the heavily Jew-influenced government of the United States.

Listen to Dr. William Pierce on the endless “reparations” to Jews here.

It is a good sign that Germany is now ready to reveal and discuss the circumstances whereby the United States forced her to pay reparations to the State of Israel. It casts an unflattering light on both the United States and the Jewish State, and ultimately suggests questions about the alleged grievances of the Jews on which those reparations are based, questions which should have been asked long ago. 

The sharp decline of the prestige and influence of the United States since 2001, and the already darkened reputation of the State of Israel, have facilitated this new candor, which is allowing Germany to become Germany again.
* “überflüssig”
** The quote in Der Spiegel is: “aufgrund des Drucks der USA zu den Wiedergutmachungshandlungen bereit”. 
***  Der “ergebnislose Abbruch von Verhandlungen mit Israel würde die schwersten politischen und wirtschaftspolitischen Gefahren für die Bundesrepublik heraufbeschwören”

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