Most Members of the Bolshevik Central Committee in October 1917 were Jews

There is much criticism of claims about the Jewishness of Bolshevism. Some of the information circulated about the matter is inaccurate. This however, The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1918: Documents and Materials, by James Bunyan and H.H. Fisher (Stanford University Press 1934),  seems to be a reputable source:

Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Uritsky, and Sokolnikov, were all Jews.

Lenin was (at least) a quarter-Jew* who allegedly grew up speaking Yiddish. The fact that the frontman for the Bolsheviks had any Jewish ancestry was concealed for many decades. 

Dzerzhinsky was (at least nominally) a Polish noble, although there are questions about him. Stalin was a Georgian. Bubnov and Lomov were Russians.

Seven out of twelve of those present at this meeting of the Bolshevik Central Committee shortly before the Bolshevik coup are known with certainty to have had Jewish ancestry.
* Lenin’s mother’s father was one Israel Blank, a Jew. This fact was officially suppressed until after the collapse of the Soviet Union. A Jew named Larry Horwitz, who had recently visited Lenin’s Tomb, wrote about it to the New York Times in August 1992. The name of Lenin’s maternal grandmother is given as Anna Ivanovna Grosshopf, who is said to be “apparently of Germanic background.” Note the lack of certainty, however. Grosshopf is an extremely rare name, with apparently not even one person in Germany today bearing that name (as you can verify for yourself). If it is a corruption of Grosskopf, which is a surname often borne by Jews, then both of Lenin’s maternal grandparents are likely to have been Jews, in which case Lenin himself could be considered a full Jew. 

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