Lighthearted Representations of Hitler from outside the Western World

An advertisement for Biomen shampoo, from Turkey, presents Adolf Hitler as the arbiter of what a real man should do:

Why do you use a woman’s shampoo, when you do not wear women’s clothes? Now there is the 100% manly shampoo, Biomen! A real man chooses Biomen!

From India there is the warm family drama Hitler Didi.

Didi is an attractive young woman who has enough righteousness and self-discipline for twenty people. She constantly chides those around her to stop being slackers and do the right thing. Apparently this is how Hitler is perceived in India, as somebody who goes to extremes to bring out the best in others.

Hitler seems to be perceived in India and in Turkey as fundamentally a positive figure.

The Turkish shampoo commercial was pulled as a result of organized Jewish pressure:

“Decisive action by the leaders of the Turkish Jewish Community mobilized national and international public opinion against the shockingly offensive use of Hitler imagery for commercial purposes,” said David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee. “And in short order, the company responsible for this outrage reversed course.”
Turkish Jewish community leaders credited leading Turkish newspapers, including Milliyet and Hurriyet, with rallying public criticism of the commercial, and expressed gratitude for supportive commentary in news media and by Jewish organizations around the world, according to AJC. [Jewish Journal, 27 March 2012]

Hitler Didi, which debuted on 7 November 2011, still airs, but on 6 December as a result of organized Jewish pressure the name of the show was changed to General Didi — but only for marketing in the United States. In the rest of the world the show is still called Hitler Didi.

Apparently organized Jewish pressure is much less effective in India than in the United States or Turkey.

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