Why was Pat Buchanan fired from MSNBC?

Pat Buchanan denounces anti-White bias while Rachel Maddow tries not to cry.
Synopsis of “A Closer Look at What Happened to Pat Buchanan”

Many have assumed that Pat Buchanan’s dismissal from MSNBC was due to leftist agitation and the prevalence of leftists within MSNBC. I argue that although Buchanan has conflicts with  leftists, the real agents of his downfall are probably not leftists but Zionist Jews. 

Glenn Beck was fired from Fox News a year ago. When any credit for Beck’s downfall was given, it was usually given to Color of Change, but a closer look shows that Beck was actually able to survive all the trouble that Color of Change could muster. It was only after Beck attacked the Middle-East régime-change project, when influential neocons turned against him, that patience with Beck at Fox News ended.

Buchanan was probably fired from MSNBC for roughly the same reason that got Glenn Beck fired from Fox: because he was inconvenient for the Israel-First foreign policy.
Fox News canceled Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch  at about the same time, many believe, for the same reason. The timing could be related to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign as well as current and future indefensible activities in U.S. foreign policy.

Cenk Uygur quotes the president of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, as saying that “people in Washington” make programming suggestions to MSNBC, and according to Uygur MSNBC complies with these suggestions. One day in the spring of 2011 he was called into Phil Griffin’s office where the president of MSNBC said to him: “I was just in Washington, and people in Washington tell me that they’re concerned about your tone…. Look, you’ve got to tone it down.”

This explains, not only why Buchanan and Napolitano were fired at about the same time, but also why MSNBC’s prime-time schedule was suddenly, drastically changed a short time before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, with suppression of the strong criticisms of war-propaganda that MSNBC had been airing. 

The essay has been published in two parts on The Occidental Observer.

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