Some Noteworthy Physical Characteristics of the Negro (and their relevance for self-defense)

The ninth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica lists some key physical characteristics of the Negro; of particular interest to us are points 1, 3, 8, and 9:

(1) the abnormal length of the arm, which in the erect position sometimes reaches the knee-pan, and which on an average exceeds that of the Caucasian by about 2 inches; (2) prognathism, or projection of the jaws (index number of facial angle about 70, as compared with the Caucasian 82); (3) weight of brain, as indicating cranial capacity, 35 ounces (highest gorilla 20. average European 45); (4) full black eye, with black iris and yellowish sclerotic coat, a very marked feature; (5) short flat snub nose, deeply depressed at the base or frontal suture, broad at extremity, with dilated nostrils and concave ridge; (6) thick protruding lips, plainly showing the inner red surface; (7) very large zygomatic arches—high and prominent cheek bones; (8) exceedingly thick cranium, enabling the Negro to butt with the head and resist blows which would inevitably break any ordinary European’s skull; (9) correspondingly weak lower limbs, terminating in a broad flat foot with low instep, divergent and somewhat prehensile great toe, and heel projecting backwards (“lark heel”); (10) complexion deep brown or blackish, and in some cases even distinctly black, due not to any special pigment, as is often supposed, but merely to the greater abundance of the coloring matter in the Malpighian mucous membrane between the inner or true skin and the epidermis or scarf skin; (11) short, black hair, eccentrically elliptical or almost flat in section, and distinctly woolly, not merely frizzly, as Prichard supposed on insufficient evidence;’ (12) thick epidermis, cool, soft, and velvety to the touch, mostly hairless, and emitting a peculiar rancid odor, compared by Pruner Bey to that of the buck goat; (13) frame of medium height, thrown somewhat out of the perpendicular by the shape of the pelvis, the spine, the backward projection of the head, and the whole anatomical structure; (14) the cranial sutures, which close much earlier in the Negro than in other races.

The Negro has a small brain (77% of the European average, by weight) encased in an “exceedingly thick cranium.” This has implications. Aside from the obvious fact that less brain-matter implies less-profound brain-processes, it means that the Negro has a distinct advantage so far as receiving blows to the head is concerned. His skull is able to “resist blows which would inevitably break any ordinary European’s skull.”  Marquess of Queensberry rules therefore place any White person at a serious disadvantage when engaged in a violent struggle with a Negro. Striking the head is not the way to defend oneself against a Negro attacker.

Fortunately, Encyclopaedia Britannica also tells us that however strong the Negro’s skull may be, his lower limbs are “correspondingly weak.” He has “weak lower limbs” (in terms of bone-structure) and “a broad flat foot.” So, if you must defend yourself against a Negro attacker, the method of self-defense is clear and race-specific: attack the lower legs and feet. That was advice that my father, at one time a bus-driver in a majority-Negro city, often imparted to me: “Kick ’em in the shins! Stamp on their feet!”

Recently my father’s advice was famously validated by a pregnant White woman in Philadelphia.

This woman broke a Negro criminal’s lower leg with a side-kick (following up with the less obvious technique of twisting his foot to aggravate the existing fracture). She happens to have been trained in kickboxing so that her kick was perfectly delivered, but the main basis of her success  is that she attacked the Negro where he was vulnerable. It does not take formal training or advanced technique to learn to kick lower legs and stamp feet so as to inflict serious pain. If you must send your children to school where there are many Blacks, you might want to instruct them in appropriate self-defense.

Here is a demonstration of some self-defense techniques that exploit the weaknesses of a Negro’s lower-legs and feet.

Blacks will always be dangerous because of their impulsiveness, but let’s not live in excessive fear of these people. Let’s not have them walk all over us or our children because of the false impression that they are invincible in a fight. They have the advantage only if we give it to them.

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