Goodbye to the War of All against All


“National Socialism is just racist Marxism. People want to live in a non-competitive world and be valued for their race, rather than for their own personal accomplishments or character. Blaming Jews is just a cop out.”

Hadding Responds
The essence of Marxism is the class-struggle leading to the leveling of society. National-Socialism is about class-reconciliation. National-Socialism pulls the rug out from under Marxism. National-Socialism replaces cutthroat capitalism with an economic order that is tolerable and viable without leveling society.

I won’t say that there is no competition under National-Socialism, since all are not made equal; there is higher and lower status, and people will compete for that. But getting the most money is no longer the meaning of life in such a system.

Why should economic competition be the meaning of life and the criterion by which every man is judged?

A relatively non-competitive society in which people are valued for who they are is actually not so unusual. I think that’s a pretty good description of Mediaeval Europe, where everybody was expected to do his job of course, but not strive to change his status within society.

A reduction of economic competition is appropriate under the global conditions that have prevailed for the past century. Unrestrained economic competition leads to massive unemployment such as we are seeing, and which would be much worse if the country were not currently involved in several wars which act as a government jobs-program.

Ultimately the USA will have to move to some kind of more regulated economy, at least as much as it had from FDR until Ronald Reagan. That will be an economy in which competition is muted. The only question after that is whether that change will be accompanied by national-socialistic measures to maintain discipline and prevent the biological decay of the population. Most likely the USA will not do that, but other countries will.

Whether we like it or not, social order in some form is on its way back and the war of all against all is on its way out. Continuing on the present course would produce a kind of Mad Max world. Since very few people will want that, I don’t believe it’s going to happen. Adjustments and accommodations will be made.

Jews are in the way. You cannot have a cohesive and harmonious society where Jews have any significant power, because the Jews are all about maintaining their collective distinctness without having to risk being either subsumed or expelled from the society. The Jew depends on social conflict. He has to keep a society disunited and weak for his parasitism to continue. That’s why the class-struggle and racial strife and large-scale non-White immigration all are pushed by the Jew.

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