Jew Suspected of Bombing near Synagogue

Ron Hirsch frequents synagogues.

The synagogue in question is located in Los Angeles and belongs to the bizarre Chabad sect of Judaism, which even other Jews find embarrassing.

The explosion occurred only near, not in or adjacent to the synagogue. The synagogue was not damaged. Since it was Thursday, of course the congregation was not in the synagogue at the time, so that no Jews were likely to be killed. Police initially did not even perceive the explosion as a deliberate attack on anyone or anything but suspected some kind of freak mechanical malfunction.

On its face, this only makes sense as an attempt to create a little drama to validate the Jewish persecution myth, an event of some frequent occurrence  since the victim-pose has afforded Jews a considerable immunity to criticism. Predictably, the ADL is telling area Jews to hunker down in persecution mode.
Meanwhile, “the 300-pound projectile went shooting into the sky, bounced off the wall of the Jewish center, tore a hole into the roof of a neighboring home and narrowly missed an 11-year-old girl inside.”(Darsha Philips, KABC TV)

The suspect is a man who had “frequented” this synagogue and some others. His name is Ron Hirsch, but he also calls himself Israel Fisher. Every indication is that “Ron Hirsch” or “Israel Fisher” (both typically Jewish names) who frequents synagogues would be a Jew.

The identity of the suspect merely confirms what should be evident on its face, that this incident resulted from a Jew’s attempt to create some drama.

National-Socialist Worldview predicts that if Ron Hirsch a.k.a. Israel Fisher is found to have been responsible for the crime, he as one of the Chosen will receive extremely lenient treatment, even though his bomb nearly killed an 11-year-old girl.

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