This BBC program presents the conditions under which some Jewish settlers illegally occupy territory that has been designated by the UN as not belonging to them.

The political vanguard of the State of Israel consists of the craziest fringe of the Jews, who take their Jewish Book of Legends as fact. They regard themselves as  authorized to defy all earthly authorities, including the Israeli government whenever it fails to take the most extreme position.

At 43:50 “the ovens of Auschwitz” are invoked to justify what the Jews are doing on the West Bank as “a war of survival for the Jewish People.” Ultimately the Holocaust, and in general the idea that the rest of the world wants to kill all the Jews, justifies and excuses anything that Jews might want to do.

This paranoia also cements their group-solidarity. They are so insular that when the interviewer asks his Jewish guide Daniel Luria if he thinks he might be a religious extremist he cites the example of millions of other Jews in the State of Israel as proof that it can’t be so. These Jews have their own little world, a self-imposed ghetto where the majority will confirm whatever they want to believe.

Whatever facts don’t fit, they falsify. Time and again the host, Theroux, asks Luria to respond to the accusations of an Arab who complains loudly that Jews have stolen his real estate and are trespassing. The explanations that the Jew gives do not seem very credible.

At 35:00 we are introduced to some Christian Zionists from the United States who have traveled to the Middle East to assist Jews illegally colonizing the West Bank. The psychopathology of these people is of particular interest, because unconditional U.S. support for Israel depends on them. These people are the Zionist Jews’ fellow travelers, who form a cohesive and fanatical faction in the Republican Party. Their support ensured the nomination of George W. Bush in 2000 and has disposed the United States to undertake unnecessary Middle-East wars. 

As believers in an heretical strain of Christianity called Premillennialism, which became widespread in the 19th century and includes those Protestant sects that regard the Book of Revelations as predicting events yet to come, these people get a special feeling of “being part of prophecy” from serving the Jews. In defiance of what is clearly stated in the Christian Gospels, they regard the Jewish folk as still bearing the mantle of God’s Chosen.

The establishment of a Jewish state on the sparsely populated island of Madagascar, as provided in the Third Reich’s proposed peace-treaty with France, would have been infinitely more reasonable than supporting some Jews in their effort to carve out part of the densely populated Fertile Crescent, but Biblical superstition has overpowered reason in this matter.*

* This blog has other entries about the Madagascar Plan and how Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the World Jewish Congress, insisted on Palestine regardless of cost or consequences. To get a general idea of how ridiculous the Old Testament’s representation of ancient Jewish history is, read Voltaire on the History of the Jews.

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