Men are Less Gullible than Women

A study in the Netherlands shows that testosterone makes one more guarded against strangers.

(Discover) All it takes for some people to be a little less trusting of their fellow humans is a little more testosterone, according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers led by Jack van Honk of the Netherlands used a sample of 24 women in their study. The team showed photos of 150 strangers’ faces to the women and asked them to rate the faces for trustworthiness, using a scale from -100 to +100. The scores women gave after receiving a placebo became their “baseline” score. The women also completed a trustworthiness survey after being given an increase in testosterone instead of placebo (they weren’t told when they received which).

Scientists found that women were not so easily taken in by a stranger’s face after receiving a dose of the hormone…. Women who appeared the most trusting after receiving the “dummy” placebo reduced their scores by an average of 10 points when their testosterone was boosted.

Obviously the vastly greater levels of testosterone in the male bloodstream would make men much less trusting than women. This is a solid reason why, in a world where our people are faced with enemies that don’t always advertise their hostile intentions, men should be in charge.

This clarifies the role of feminism in our race’s decline. Feminism has increased the role of women in decision-making and thus lowered our defenses.

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