Stopping Illegal Immigration means Endorsing Hitler

Ever since they established the demonization of Adolf Hitler through war propaganda, Jews and leftists have made a habit of using invidious comparisons to the great man as a means of intimidating conservatives. Conservatives in turn have developed the silly habit of using whatever flimsy excuse they can muster to characterize Democrats and leftists in general as “the real nazis.”

What does being a “nazi” really mean? It means making sense. It means defending your national survival in a rational manner.

Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies, a self-described “Jew of Eastern European descent,” characterizing Arizona’s attempt to reduce the presence of illegal aliens in the state as Hitlerian.

If the caricature were less dismal this could be a pro-Hitler cartoon. It implies: If you want to save your country, you must rehabilitate Hitler.

ADL’s Abe Foxman has complained about the cartoon, not because Jew Foxman is in favor of controlling immigration but because he understands that linking Hitler to the impulse to stop illegal immigration helps the former more than it hurts the latter. Foxman does not want invidious comparisons to Hitler used so casually, he says, “no matter how odious, bigoted, biased and unconstitutional Arizona’s new law may be.”

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