James Traficant states the Obvious

Traficant states that he was framed by Israeli interests, after they could not bring about his electoral defeat, because he had exposed the framing of John Demjanjuk in 1983. A Jewish member of the Justice Department, he says, suborned perjury in the Demjanjuk case.

Although Traficant concedes, at the interviewer’s frantic prompting, that the Israeli Supreme Court set Demjanjuk free because they are fine fellows, this concession comes only after Traficant has suggested otherwise. The Israeli Supreme Court let Demjanjuk go because exculpatory evidence published by Trafficant could not be refuted, and because Congressman Traficant was threatening that the State of Israel would lose its $15 billion in annual U.S. aid if Demjanjuk were convicted and executed on what was demonstrably a false charge.

Traficant goes on to state that, in addition to corrupting the U.S. Department of Justice, Israeli interests have a “stranglehold” on both houses of Congress and has the United States involved in Israeli expansionist wars that are not in the U.S. interest. He also mentions that they control much of the U.S. mass-media (which includes Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, the most blatantly and aggressively pro-Israel news network, on which this interview aired).

Greta van Susteren’s shock at this statement of what should be obvious is quite annoying. It makes her appear brainwashed.

The Shah of Iran already stated the essence of this 36 years ago.

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