Response to an alleged White Nationalist who attacks Historical Revisionism

This comment did not get past moderation on Guy White’s blog. I leave it up to you to figure out why.

Mr. Guy White:

It would be nice if you at least knew something about “Holocaust Denial” (the term used by the enemies of historical revisionism as pertains to the Jews’ Holocaust Myth) before attacking it. You are attacking a strawman of your own creation.

You say: “The belief is based on wildly unreasonable statements like ‘all Jews are liars’ and ‘all Jews are conspiring against us.’ Without these two beliefs, Holocaust denial is impossible.”

You could not be more wrong. I have never heard any revisionist argument based on the premise that all Jews are either liars or conspirators. There are some lying conspirators among the Jews, but most of them are simply believing what they have been told, which our people unfortunately also do.

We saw something very similar in the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, with a handful of politically motivated liars convincing most of the country that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass-destruction, and a number of other inflammatory lies (genocide of the Kurds, assassination attempt on Bush Senior, intention to invade Saudi Arabia in 1991) that I was able to disprove with the resources of a public library and the internet. You will find however that even today people who had the greatest emotional investment in the anti-Saddam hysteria will still claim that Saddam Hussein had WMDs even though Bush himself has said that there weren’t any, because sources like Newsmax have given these true believers the excuses that they needed to go on believing. The Holocaust story is very much like that.

“The question is why is it that hundreds of thousands of Jews are telling us the same story….”

There are very few Jews, indeed very few people of any ethnicity, that claim to know anything about gassings. I have yet to hear of such a witness whose story didn’t include impossible or ridiculous details, like crematorium-smoke that changed color according to the nationality of the Jew being cremated. As a matter of fact, any Jew that claims to have seen smoke coming out of a crematorium stack on a regular basis – which a number of them do claim, probably because they heard it from Elie Wiesel – is a liar: crematoria do not emit smoke. This is not a matter of calling hundreds of thousands of Jews liars: it is a matter of recognizing the power that liars can have in an atmosphere of group-think.

“As with all events, different people have slightly different description of events, but the Holocaust narrative is substantially similar, to use a legal term.”

The story has changed greatly since 1945. In 1945 Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald were claimed to be sites of gassing, and witnesses at Nuremberg testified to that effect. In 1945 it was alleged that Jews had been made into soap and human-skin lampshades. Some people still repeat these stories because no great publicity was ever given to the fact that historians had discarded them.

“We are told that Jews are all conspiring to build fake gas chambers, to tell fake stories, to get fake tattoos with fake Auschwitz numbers.”

It isn’t a matter of building fake gas-chambers. It’s a matter of calling something a gas-chamber that is not.

There was however a hole jack-hammered into the roof of Krema I after the war by the Communist government of Poland to make the structure consistent with stories that Zyklon-B pellets were dropped in through such a hole. No similar holes exist in the roofs of the collapsed Kremas; hence Professor Faurisson’s dictum, “No holes, no Holocaust.”

“Imagine if you met a Zulu who was constantly railing about the Xhosa all being liars, who all conspire to make up lies, who are engaged in a secret genocide of Zulus, and when you asked him for proof, the Zulu would tell you that it’s impossible to find this information because Xhosa have such a stronghold on power and such amazing (universal) discipline that there isn’t the slightest leak.”

The Holocaust itself is a conspiracy theory of that kind. The theory is that the Germans rounded up millions of Jews, transported them hundreds of miles, and finally used the unprecedented and to this day unrepeated technique of mass-gassing to dispatch them (even though shooting them near their habitations would have been much simpler and much less expensive) without leaving any kind of document trail, except some documents that are interpreted by the believers in this conspiracy theory as using “code words.”

Most of the 4 million or so alleged to have been gassed are supposed to have been killed with diesel exhaust, which, although it can be sooty and unpleasant, is not really toxic, unlike gasoline exhaust. The more frequently discussed murder-agent, Zyklon-B, is a fumigant that takes several hours to out-gas, and is hence utterly unsuitable for the legendary gassing of a new group every 20 minutes (Walter Lueftl’s observation).

“I will criticize the Jews for real acts as much as the next guy, but it has to be real acts such as support for immigration, not lunacy that you just invented and for which you have no proof. (‘All European Jews went to Russia’ … even though no Russian is aware of this and no records – government documents, photographs, etc – showing mass movement of millions exist.)”

Who says that all Jews went to Russia? The thesis of Walter Sanning’s The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry is that Jews in Soviet-occupied eastern Poland were largely evacuated eastward before the German attack in 1941, because the Soviets had been planning their own attack and they knew that the area was going to be a war-zone. Menachem Begin was one of those Jews evacuated.

“You are an embarrassment. I don’t want to be in the same movement with you for the same reason I would not want you or any other psycho to be in my house.”

I am sorry to be ostensibly in the same movement with somebody that doesn’t find out what a position is before he attacks it. I am in the truth movement first and foremost.

Hadding Scott

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