The Six-Million Lie of 1906

The New York Times of 25 March 1906 reported a fundraising effort that invoked the figure of “6,000,000 Jews” who faced “systematic and murderous extermination.”

Interesting points in this article:

1. Jews were perceived in 1906 to be attempting to replace the Czar’s government with “a Jewish empire.” It was the opinion of observers in the years following the Bolshevik takeover of 1917, such as Times of London correspondent Robert Wilton, Captain Montgomery Schuyler of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, and the Right Honorable Winston Churchill, that essentially what had happened was the seizure of the Russian Empire by a faction of Jews.

2. Jews were accusing the Czar’s government of a plan to kill all (six-million!) Jews in the Russian Empire.

3. Jews were cooperating worldwide, explicitly and overtly in the realm of finance, to create difficulties for the Czar’s government — but one can infer that the Jews were ready to use any weapon available, since they were accusing the Czar of intending mass-murder. Accusations of murderous intent are the standard preamble to horrific violence against the accused, as for example in the Book of Esther, and in World War II and the invasion of Iraq.

4. Dr. Nathan’s “appeal to the Jewish money powers of the world to arrest Russia’s career as a borrower” shows that already in 1906 Jews controlled international finance and used that control for their own purposes.

Other Jewish fables of a similar nature:

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